10 Beauty Products That Created a Buzz in 2017 !

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10 Beauty Products That Created a Buzz in 2017 !

While every brand tried to bring in their own perspective in terms of style, whether it was our bad girl-riri with her Hex range or Jaclyn Hill, with her all-rounder palette, all of these brands were equally competent in terms of their consistency and versatility.

We've lined up the most-heard-tried-and-tested winners of 2017 right here! 
Incase you've tried these products already, let us know your comments on how they've performed on your skin type. If not, what are you waiting for?


  1. Pro Filt'r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation - Fenty Beauty


Rihanna's cruelty-free Fenty foundation comes in 40 amazing shades that garnered the most attention. There was no more mixing of foundations of two different shades/brands to get your favourite shade !

We love how Rihanna has incorporated her own style with the unique packaging , while also considering usability for women at the extreme ends of the shade spectrum.

The Foundation was reviewed to be super-blendable and has  a medium  to full coverage, and is known to diffuse pores and imperfections with ease. 

  1. Sisley Double Tenseur Instant & Long-Term Primer

Hold on to your seats while we tell you how well this RIDCULOUSLY PRICED primer performs !

Sisley is an extremely luxurious brand,known to have an expensive line up of products and when it introduced this primer of theirs all make-up Guru's went va-va-woom !
Make-up Diva Nikkie from NikkieTutorials rightly says

"When I apply a primer , I want it to stick and sit because it grabs on to the foundation , so that gives me the security that the  foundation isn't going anywhere during the day. I have never a felt a more sticky primer than this one. Its smells really luxurious and nice. Its a really good primer if you want that longevity and if you want your makeup to last. The price is a OH-GOD-NO but the product is a hit !"
  1. Colourpop No-Filter Concealer

A concealer that is creamery, matte and is insanely cheap?? Yes, you heard that right. 

The brand that rose to fame in no time and has made its mark with exceptional products has its new range of concealers to offer and we're totally blown away by the pigmentation and consistency they have to offer.

Colourpop concealers are no less in providing optimum coverage, one smooth slide , a little blending and setting and you're good to go !

  1. Morphe x Jaclyn Hill Eyeshadow Palette

This has definitely got be the most hot-selling and affordable eye-shadow palettes of the year !

Makeup Queen Jaclyn Hill put her heart and soul into creating a palette with all the shades that you's possible imagine.

The colours are extremely pigmented, typical of Morphe palettes , and also pay-off really well on the eyes.

The palette is an all rounder with a combination of neutrals , warm-reds and brown and some really pigmented bold shades of blues and greens !

  1. Stila Magnificent Metals Liquid Eyeshadow

Stila has officially solved all our fall-out problems with Glitter application with this Mind-blowing product in 2017!

You'd probably work your way out with glitter on your eyes with a liquid base and top it with Glitter and would still have to fight the fall-out.
Worry no more with Stila, cause you get this whole procedure with just one single swoop of the liquid-eyeshadow packed with pigment and glitter making your eyes sparkle than the brightest star in the sky !

  1. MILK Makeup Holographic Stick Stardust

The holographic stick from MILK Makeup is a everything you want to achieve an other worldly glow.This baby is packed with meteorite powder and twilight pearls that come together to create a galactic glow.It's got pink prismatic hues that complement and adjust to every single skin tone. It also doubles up as a blush and lipstick. what more could one ask for?

  1. Trophy Wife Killawatt Highlighter - Fenty Beauty

The Killawatt Highlighters are the jewels of the Fenty Range and will make you radiate till the space and back !

The Gold is hyper-gleamy and is great for festivals and night outs.

The formula is creamy-powdery and glorifies your skin witha super-shimmery yet an ultra-smooth radiance.

Goes on smoothly, doesn’t stick to oily parts or dry patches. Lasts all day and apples well on top of just foundation or set foundation with powder. Also looks good on bare skin if you’re wanting a glowy no makeup look.

Definitely a grab !

  1. Tarte Shape Tape Concealer

Even though this one was launched in 2016, we HAD to put this on list because of its constant dominance in the concealer world.

always on the top of the charts, this concealer is a go-to for all the youtubers around the worls is constantly demmedto be one of the best products of 2017.

The constantly sold-out product has gained an even wider shade range in the past year, and now it looks like it might just be shape shifting.

Yes, you heard that right ! Tarte has been hinting an addition to the Shape-Tape Family on its social media and we just cant wait for it !

  1. Tatcha Cleansing Oil

For those of you who are skeptical about using cleansing oils for makeup removal , this life-changing product suffices all your makeup removal needs in a swish.

One or two pumps of application and the oil breaks down the makeup on your skin, including your dark, waterproof mascara in a matter of minutes.

A definite must-have for people with dry skin as it  not only cleanses but alsogives you that extra moisturization and healthy glow before you hit the bed !

  1. PAT McGRATH LABS MatteTrance Lipstick

If you’re all about pigmentation when it comes to lipsticks, THIS is what you NEED.

Again, these lipsticks cost a BOMB when it comes to pricing, but PAT definitely knows how to justify that. High end, heavy packaging with gorgeous gold detailing, intense color pay-off in a single swipe and amazing non-drying formula- you’d totally want to believe this is worth every penny !

  1. Urban Decay All-Nighter Setting Spray

This product definitely does not need introduction as it is one of the most popular high-end makeup setting sprays. The spray delivers a calibrated, microfine mist that goes on so light, you’ll hardly feel it. If you’ve tried other setting sprays that feel sticky or TIGHT on your skin, you’ll be amazed by how different this is!

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