I love discovering new skincare products, especially masks that deep cleanse and purify pores. One of the main concerns for me is pores. I used to hate going to the saloon every week to get a face clean up, it gets expensive. Sometimes you do not have enough time and just need something which will do some kind of quick magic on your skin. This is the mask, it is great for both oily and combination skin.
















 I discovered about the self-heating one  minute mask on Shay Mitchell’s snapchat  stories. When I heard about it I wanted to  try the mask immediately.
















The product comes with 4 single use packettes. The self-heating one-minute mask is grey in color, thick and runny in texture. The mask smells pleasant








  •  How to use the mask?

  This mask should be applied on a wet face the as the mask is activated with water. Make sure to apply the mask with wet hands to help spread the mask across your face. As you massage the mask into your face you will feel the mask heating up against your skin, for more heating use a bit of water and massage well. Massage for 1 min and the rinse off the mask.


  • After using the mask?

The pores open up due to the heating and removes the deep-down dirt, oil and impurities from the pores. When you wash your face, your face will feel soft, smooth, fresh and minty-cold. Reduces the appearance of pores. Gives glow to the skin. The mask can be used 2-3 times a week for clean skin.


       ITS BEAUTIFUL OMG!!!                



Personally, the mask does not remove all the dirt from your pores. It removes dirt from few pores and closes the pores when you wash your face. It makes a difference if you use the mask regularly (2-3times a week), but when you need a quick pore cleanse it helps.

 If the skin feels dry after removing the mask, moisturize.


The product retails on  for Dhs34.


Have a look at the YouTube video below for demonstration

YouTube Video: YouTube Video:

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