Eye Trends: What’s Hot!

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Eye Trends: What’s Hot!

2018 is going to be all about drawing outside the lines, bending the rules and making bold makeup statements the new norm.

Today on the blog we’re going to be talking about GRAPHIC LINERS. Yes, these bold eye looks are making a comeback this season.

A bold edgy eye look can add that oomph! factor to any outfit and make your makeup look sophisticated and chic. Well who wouldn’t want that?

The tools you’ll need are few and basic to step up and master your liner game.

  • A nude eye pencil or lip liner

Always draw your design with a nude pencil/liner as guideline before you go over it with your actual eyeliner. This gives you more flexibility if you tend to make mistakes      

An Eyeliner

Gel based, preferably. They don’t dry out too quick and give you some time for play. Opt for black eyeliner for that classy look, or colour/glitter eyeliner for a more jazzy look.

  • A Liner Brush

A precision and an angled brush will get the job done beautifully

  • Q-tips & Concealer

For sharper and cleaner edges, always smudge away the excess with some Q-tips and conceal with a concealer.

Checkout these pictorials to get started ! May the wings of your liner always be even !



Your eyelids are your canvas! Go create, go wild! Just remember to have fun!

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