Morphe Brush Set - 12 PC

Morphe Brush Set - 12 PC


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This sleek, trendy set has a range of tools for eyes and face in a mix of natural and synthetic brushes. The cool matching black-and-white striped brush case is perfect for travel or to dress up a vanity or counter top.


Powder Brush- 6.5" (Bristles: natural)Blush Brush- 6.5" (Bristles: natural)Flat Foundation Brush- 6.5" (Bristles: synthetic)Angled Shadow Brush- 6.5" (Bristles: natural)Flat Shadow Fluff Brush- 6.5" (Bristles: natural)Blender Brush- 6.5" (Bristles: natural)Chubby Shadow Brush- 6.5" (Bristles: natural)Blender Fluff- 6.5" (Bristles: natural)Concealer Brush- 6.5" (Bristles: synthetic)Detail Shadow Fluff- 6.5" (Bristles: natural)Lip Brush- 6" (Bristles: synthetic)Angle Liner Brush- 6" (Bristles: synthetic)Case Height- 7"